Asset Based Intermodal, Inc. is a progressive company with a commitment to quality attitude. Our warehousing and transloading specialties include:

Warehousing, Transloading & Distribution
Asset Based Intermodal, Inc.’s facility is strategically located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with dedicated access to road, rail, and air terminals. 

Freight Consolidation

Asset Based Intermodal, Inc. offers a range of transloading services that allow our customers to consolidate freight, transfer from truck to ocean container, overweight redistribution and rework of loads. We offer the most efficient and effective mode of transportation and intermodal service based on your needs

Asset Based Intermodal, Inc. offers a full range of transloading services including:

  • Straight transload from truck to container or container to truck.
  • Reconsolidation transload of cargo by case count, item, style or color to one or more domestic trailers.
  • Efficient transloading of export cargo to designated containers.
  • Highly reliable trucking services to all rail ramps.
  • Flexible shipment integration of any type for FTL, LTL, IPI and other modes to save costs.
  • One invoice for all transloading services. 

Asset Based Intermodal, Inc. provides highly efficient transloading services to avoid delays and incremental costs. Contact us to learn more. Visit our Fleet Gallery for images of our facility, warehouse & equipment on the Home Page.


Beverage Can Transload
Warehouse Dock Doors