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Discover Cost-Effective Logistics Solutions with Asset Based Intermodal - Asset Based Intermodal, Inc.

At Asset Based Intermodal, we understand that in the dynamic world of business, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are not just goals, but necessities. That’s why we provide logistics solutions that not only meet your needs but also significantly cut down your operational costs. Here’s how we make it happen. 

Route Optimization: A Roadmap to Savings 

We excel in fine-tuning transportation routes. Our advanced planning tools and analytics are designed to pinpoint the most efficient paths for your cargo. This approach minimizes transit times and reduces fuel costs, leading to substantial savings. 

The Power of Intermodal Transportation 

Our specialty lies in intermodal transportation, blending different modes like rail and trucking for an economical transport solution. This strategy often trumps traditional over-the-road trucking in terms of cost, offering you a smarter way to manage your freight budget. 

Efficient Drayage Operations 

Drayage is an integral part of the logistics chain, and its efficiency is crucial. We ensure these short hauls are executed seamlessly, avoiding the delays and extra expenses that are typical in less optimized operations. 

Avoiding Unnecessary Charges 

Detention and demurrage fees can inflate your logistics costs unexpectedly. Our proactive approach guarantees timely pick-up and delivery, significantly reducing the likelihood of incurring these charges. 

State-of-the-Art Tracking and Management 

Embrace the clarity and control offered by our cutting-edge tracking and management systems. Real-time visibility into your shipments leads to better planning and reduced costs through efficient logistics management. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Business 

We recognize that your business is unique, and so are your logistics needs. Our custom-tailored solutions mean you get exactly what you need, ensuring you don’t spend on superfluous services. 

Maximizing Load Efficiency 

We don’t just transport; we optimize every shipment. Our focus on maximizing load efficiency means fewer trips, reduced transportation costs, and more savings for your business. 

Your Partner in Cost-Effective Logistics 

Choosing Asset Based Intermodal as your logistics partner means opting for a streamlined, cost-effective supply chain process. Our commitment to optimizing every aspect of transportation and logistics is geared towards one thing – enhancing your bottom line. 

Ready to Transform Your Logistics Operations? 

Connect with us today to find out how we can help your business achieve logistical efficiency and cost savings. Reach out to Asset Based Intermodal at or visit our website for more information. Let’s work together to create a logistics strategy that moves your business forward.