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The Evolution of Intermodal Logistics in Dallas/Fort Worth: Asset Based Intermodal’s Pioneering Journey - Asset Based Intermodal, Inc.

In the bustling heart of Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex stands as a testament to the power of innovation and strategic development. One of the most transformative changes in this region’s transportation and logistics landscape has been the rise of intermodal drayage. Since the late 1980s, this system has revolutionized how goods are transported, playing a pivotal role in the area’s exponential growth. At the forefront of this evolution is Asset Based Intermodal, a company that has not only witnessed the transformation but has also been instrumental in shaping it. 

Intermodal Drayage: From Humble Beginnings to Industry Standard 

The late 1980s marked a turning point for the DFW metroplex. At that time, the traditional method of transporting goods relied heavily on trucks. Each truck could only carry a limited amount of cargo, making the process inefficient and costly. Enter intermodal shipping—a game-changer that introduced the concept of moving containers using multiple modes of transportation, primarily rail and truck. 

This innovative approach allowed for trainloads of containers to be transported at once, drastically reducing the number of individual truck trips required. The benefits were immediately evident: faster transit times, reduced congestion on highways, and significant cost savings. 

Dallas and Its Rich Railroad History 

The history of railroads in Dallas dates to 1873 when the railroad first reached the city from Houston. This development set the stage for Dallas to become the center for commerce in the Southwest, a remarkable feat for a city without a major river or seaport. The arrival of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad in 1872 and the subsequent connection to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad linked Dallas with industries in the Northeast and Midwest, providing a direct route for essential materials and machinery. This rail infrastructure played a crucial role in attracting businesses and entrepreneurs, some of whom established businesses that are household names in Dallas today. 

The DFW Growth Phenomenon: Numbers Speak Louder 

The impact of rail intermodal logistics on the DFW metroplex’s growth is undeniable. In 1988, the population stood at a modest 3 million. Fast forward to 2023, and that number has soared to over 6.7 million—a more than twofold increase. While various factors contributed to this growth, the annual average increase of 2.5% can be largely attributed to the efficiencies brought about by intermodal shipping. 

Asset Based Intermodal: Steering the Ship of Change 

While the intermodal logistics industry saw many players, Asset Based Intermodal distinguished itself with its visionary approach and commitment to excellence. The company recognized early on the potential of intermodal drayage and invested heavily in infrastructure, technology, and training. 

Their proactive approach ensured that they were not just participants in the industry’s growth but key drivers of it. By offering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, Asset Based Intermodal solidified its position as a leader in the DFW intermodal drayage logistics scene, and will continue to innovate and build out our footprint for the future growth of the DFW metroplex.   


The journey of intermodal logistics in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a story of foresight, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s a narrative that underscores the transformative power of industry advancements and the role of trailblazing companies like Asset Based Intermodal in steering the ship of change. As the DFW metroplex continues to thrive and expand, the legacy of its intermodal logistics evolution will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of its success story. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone at Asset Based for any type of logistical solution you may be after, no matter the size.