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Honoring Our Heroes: Celebrating Bernardo Acevedo and Tracy Smith This Veterans Day at Asset Based Intermodal - Asset Based Intermodal, Inc.

Reflecting on Courage and Commitment: Asset Based Intermodal Salutes Bernardo Acevedo and Tracy Smith 


As Veterans Day draws near, it’s a poignant time for gratitude and remembrance, a moment to honor the courageous men and women who have served our nation. At Asset Based Intermodal, we take immense pride in recognizing two of our own veterans, Bernardo Acevedo and Tracy Smith, whose service and dedication reflect the true spirit of this significant day. 


Bernardo Acevedo: A Beacon of Leadership and Resilience 


Bernardo Acevedo, a valued member of the Asset Based Intermodal team, personifies the qualities of leadership and resilience that are fundamental to military service. His tenure in the armed forces has instilled in him a deep sense of commitment and teamwork, attributes he brings to our operations daily. Bernardo’s seamless transition from military to civilian life in the logistics industry is a remarkable story of adaptability, perseverance, and success. 


Tracy Smith: A Paradigm of Dedication and Excellence 


In the same vein, Tracy Smith’s story is one of unwavering dedication and inspiring commitment. His military service has endowed him with a robust work ethic and a focus on excellence, traits that he applies diligently in his role at Asset Based Intermodal. Tracy’s ability to tackle challenges with strategic insight and determination echoes his time in the armed forces. His leadership and problem-solving skills are invaluable assets to our team. 


Our Dedication to Veterans 


At Asset Based Intermodal, we deeply value the unique experiences and skills that veterans like Bernardo and Tracy contribute to our team. Recognizing the unparalleled expertise they bring, we remain committed to supporting our veterans, understanding that their distinctive backgrounds are integral to our collective success. 


A Call to Honor: Celebrating All Veterans 


This Veterans Day, we urge everyone to reflect on the sacrifices and achievements of all veterans. We invite our community to join us in acknowledging the courage and commitment of individuals like Bernardo Acevedo and Tracy Smith. Their stories are more than personal triumphs; they symbolize the broader contributions of all veterans to our nation’s legacy and future prospects. 


As we commemorate Veterans Day, everyone at Asset Based Intermodal extends heartfelt thanks to Bernardo, Tracy, and all veterans for their invaluable service. Their exemplary conduct inspires us, and we are honored to have them as integral members of our team. 


In Closing 


To every veteran, we express our profound gratitude. Your service and sacrifices have indelibly shaped our country, and on this Veterans Day, we stand in appreciation and respect for your unyielding commitment. 




Let’s remember that honoring our veterans involves more than just words. We encourage actions of appreciation and ongoing support, not only on Veterans Day but throughout the year. 


[Discover more about our commitment to veterans](#) and how we incorporate their invaluable expertise into our business ethos at Asset Based Intermodal.