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The Comprehensive Intermodal Package: Logistics and Warehousing - Asset Based Intermodal, Inc.

Asset Based Intermodal stands as a paragon in the realm of supply chain management, offering a comprehensive intermodal package that masterfully blends logistics and warehousing services. This innovative approach not only elevates the efficiency of cargo transportation but also optimizes cost and time for businesses across the globe. Here’s an in-depth look at how Asset Based Intermodal’s complete intermodal package harmonizes these critical components for unparalleled supply chain solutions. 


  1. Multifaceted Transportation Solutions


Central to Asset Based Intermodal’s offerings is their multifaceted transportation approach. This includes a mix of rail, road, sea, and air freight options, each meticulously chosen to balance cost, speed, and environmental impact. Asset Based Intermodal’s asset-based approach ensures direct control over their fleet and containers, leading to more reliable and timely transportation services. 


  1. State-of-the-Art Warehousing


Asset Based Intermodal goes beyond traditional storage solutions with its advanced warehousing capabilities. This aspect of the intermodal package encompasses not just storage but also includes sophisticated inventory management, efficient order fulfillment, and various value-added services like custom packaging and labeling. This holistic approach ensures that goods are not only stored securely but are also prepared for onward transportation efficiently. 


  1. Seamless Integration of Logistics Services


The essence of Asset Based Intermodal’s success lies in the seamless integration of its logistics services. This covers a broad spectrum of operations, from freight consolidation and deconsolidation to smooth customs clearance processes and reliable last-mile delivery. This integrated approach results in minimized handling, reduced damage risk, and faster market delivery times. 


  1. Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Control


Asset Based Intermodal harnesses cutting-edge technology to empower its intermodal services. Utilizing sophisticated tracking systems, warehouse management software (WMS), and transportation management systems (TMS), the company offers unparalleled real-time visibility and control over the entire supply chain. This digital oversight facilitates proactive shipment management, optimal inventory levels, and predictive analytics for potential disruption mitigation. 


  1. Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs


Recognizing the unique demands of different businesses, Asset Based Intermodal offers tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Whether it’s managing temperature-sensitive goods, accommodating oversized industrial cargo, or ensuring high-security for valuable items, Asset Based Intermodal designs solutions that align perfectly with individual business requirements. 


  1. Economic and Environmental Benefits


The integration of logistics and warehousing under Asset Based Intermodal’s intermodal package brings significant cost efficiencies. By optimizing transportation processes and minimizing unnecessary handling, businesses can achieve considerable cost savings. Moreover, this integrated approach favors sustainable practices, such as using rail for longer distances, thereby reducing carbon emissions and supporting environmental sustainability. 




Asset Based Intermodal’s comprehensive intermodal package represents the pinnacle of logistics and warehousing integration, offering businesses a streamlined, efficient, and sustainable supply chain solution. By combining multimodal transportation, advanced warehousing, integrated logistics, innovative technology, and customized solutions, Asset Based Intermodal not only meets the evolving demands of global trade but also provides a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market.